Tuesday, April 21, 2009

MoKoPo Murals

Well, I finally finished my cousin Gracie's bedroom mural! She wanted a "Fairy Wonderland" so I went crazy with the girly-ness. Tons of flowers, bright colors, beautiful fairies, and of course, Tinkerbell! I absolutely love doing murals because it's basically my childhood dream-come-true. I used to beg my parents to let me paint on my walls but was never allowed to. As it turns out, now that I'm a grown-up I get to paint on walls and get paid for it :)

P.S. I'm now available for commissioned work! Just shoot me an email.


  1. Ok - just realized you're a follower of your OWN blog!!! What's up with that??? :)

  2. Beautiful!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience.